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Welcome to Emubay.com! We are a gaming, film, TV, and comic website dedicated to enhancing your leisure time and helping you enjoy your free time in an interesting way.

At Emubay.com, we always strive to provide a diverse range of content, including news, reviews, tips, buying guides, and videos, to inform, entertain, and inspire our readers.

We are not condescending, arrogant, dogmatic, or intentionally provocative. We are an open and welcoming website that reminds our readers that gaming and entertainment are a positive force that brings people together. We are like your friend, bringing you interesting gaming trivia, astonishing secrets, hidden treasures, behind-the-scenes insights, and more, guiding you to the best content to watch, play, and read.

We are committed to providing impartial editorial content created by our editors and writers. However, we also need to cover the costs of our team and website, so we earn money in a variety of ways. We sometimes use marketing links to products and services on retailer websites, and if you click on those links or make purchases through them, we may receive compensation. Additionally, we occasionally publish sponsored content or advertorials (paid-for editorial content) on our website. In such cases, the content is clearly marked as sponsored or promoted, so you can always distinguish between editorial and non-editorial content.

Emubay.com takes pride in providing independent and unbiased reviews and best lists, free from any commercial considerations. We never accept payment for reviews or for featuring products in our best lists and buying guides.

Our team sometimes attends shows or receives products for review purposes. This does not influence our thoughts or writing about the products or games, but it does affect whether we can cover certain products or events, particularly when otherwise we would not have had that coverage opportunity.

Most of the review products we receive are sent to us by the companies involved, and the majority are a direct result of a review request. We only review products that we have selected ourselves and that are worth reviewing. We always return products on request or at the end of our agreed loan period.

Here are our office addresses:

Agatha Christiesingel, 1102 VW Amsterdam, Amsterdam.

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