Diablo 4 Players Are Running Into a Frustrating Problem With the Blacksmith

Players of Diablo 4 are sharing experiences of an annoying issue they keep experiencing with the blacksmith in the action RPG.
BY Aravind Srinivas PUBLISHED Jul 03, 2023

Players of Blizzard's recently launched Diablo 4 have started to report an issue they are experiencing with the blacksmith in the game. As one of the most useful NPCs in Diablo 4, problems with the blacksmith can definitely be incredibly annoying or even a game-breaker for the title's player base.

Things are getting quite exciting for the players of Diablo 4. The development team has announced that a new developer update will be coming soon, and this Campfire Chat livestream will tackle the actual start date of the game's Season 1. What's more, the super rare unique items in Diablo 4 that only seemed to be imaginary have started to drop for players, increasing the fans' incentive to grind to max level and farm for a chance to acquire these special pieces. However, despite all of these exciting happenings, the devs still have a lot of issues to address in order for the player base to have the smoothest experience in-game.

On Reddit, user PaulandFleetwood shared that they have been experiencing an issue with the blacksmith in Diablo 4. It seems every time they interact with the NPC, they are told that their bags are full. The Redditor also shared that they seem to only have started getting this interaction with the blacksmith in the current update. Fortunately, fellow players on the Reddit thread have been helpful, and they provided the original poster a fix to help them bypass this annoying issue with the NPC. They recommend turning off the error text option found at the bottom of the game's sound settings.

Though many fellow players replied with more NPC dialogues and flavor text on the thread, some also shared that they have experienced the same problem with the blacksmith in Diablo 4. Fans are theorizing that what is causing the error could stem from the player's crafting materials bag being full. This, combined with possible invisible materials dropped by other players near the blacksmith, may be what is making the dialogue trigger every time they interact with the blacksmith.

Given just how much grinding and farming is involved in Diablo 4, it is not surprising for players to have maxed out the allotment of their crafting materials inventory. Fans can actually convert these materials to higher levels to make more space, but this may be too time-consuming to do. Hopefully Blizzard remains true to its word, and will really implement the unlimited cap for the materials bag in the game's upcoming Season 1.

Diablo 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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