Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Idea Would Make Dorm Rooms Way Better

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought a lot of new options to the table, but players point out some missed opportunities with dorm rooms.
BY Amaar Chowdhury PUBLISHED Jul 03, 2023

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans think the games missed an opportunity to make the dorm rooms much better than they actually are. While players wait for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to receive DLC, there are some missing aspects to the core games that fans still have mixed feelings about.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players start out the title the usual way, with receiving their first Pokemon and beginning their journey to catch 'em all. However, unlike other games, these put players in the position of being a student at a massive Pokemon Academy, where students can attend classes, meet NPCs, and spend time in their dorm room.

Unfortunately, the dorm rooms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leave something to be desired, according to players. Reddit user TheDarkpekka took to the site to discuss their idea with fellow players, suggesting that the dorm room should be decorated as the player progresses through the title. Having some small indicator of each major achievement made in the game in the player's room would be a nice detail, but other fans suggested not leaving it at that. Some wanted to see the ability to buy items to decorate one's room, while others suggested being able to display some of the snapshots Pokemon players take or those they receive after defeating gyms and other major achievements.

As some in the comments indicated, it seems many players exited their dorm rooms and never looked back, as there's nothing to do there. Having a customized base of operations would likely have drawn the attention of at least some players back to the dorms, or given them an opportunity to show off their customized look to friends via Union Circle. In any case, several fans pointed out that prior games have offered various means of customizing the player character's bedroom, or Secret Bases in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

While there's new content coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it doesn't seem likely that the player's dorm room is something that will receive many - or any - changes. It's not as pressing a matter as Pokemon missing from Scarlet and Violet, and all eyes will be on the developer to see if the DLC has a smoother launch than the core games, which were riddled with performance issues. While it may be too late to see any meaningful improvements to the dorms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, hopefully the developer considers bringing back ways for players to make their world unique in future releases.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for Nintendo Switch.

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