Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - The Treasure Hunters Side Quest

Link shows off his skills to treasure hunters and claims the bounty.
BY Lauren Bergin PUBLISHED Jul 03, 2023

Throughout Link's exploration of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, he will come across many treasure chests that yield beneficial items to help with his journey. These chests can be obtained by completing various tasks, such as defeating enemies, clearing monster camps, exploring caves, or simply discovering them in the overworld.

While opening chests is relatively easy, obtaining them can sometimes pose a challenge. In a particular instance, two treasure hunters named Prissen and Domidak are unable to reach a treasure chest they've spotted. Unfortunately for them, Link shows up ready to show them how it is done (and claim the treasure for himself). Here’s how to start and complete the side quest “The Treasure Hunters” in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Treasure Hunters Walkthrough

The player will encounter Prissen and Domidak near a muddy pond at the foot of the Raaru Hillside, at coordinates (0601, 1284, 0047). To reach this location, the player can follow the road heading north alongside the Hylia River. Alternatively, they can teleport to the nearby Sepapa Shrine and then proceed north over the river toward the small pond.

The two treasure hunters are fixated on a fancy chest positioned on some rocks directly ahead. Unfortunately, the chest is surrounded by large pool of sludge, and the hunters are unable to find a way across. However, for Link, reaching the chest is relatively straightforward with the assistance of his Ultrahand.

To get to the chest in the lake, the player should head a short distance south and cross the road, where they will discover a large assortment of building materials, including an ample supply of wooden planks. Utilizing the Ultrahand, the player can retrieve one of the largest wooden platforms leaning against the rear wall of the structure.

Returning to the sludge pond, the player needs to descend to the stone ruins fragments protruding from the sludge in front of the chest. To access the chest, Link must carefully place the large wooden platform on top of the nearby small stone pillars, ensuring it is balanced and adequately supported to prevent it from falling into the gunk.

To achieve this, some careful maneuvering is required, as the wooden platform cannot be fused with the small pillars. However, by rotating the platform with the Ultrahand and observing any green markings on the pillars, the player can estimate where the platform will rest and make contact when it's released.

Once confident in the positioning, the player should release the wooden platform, ensuring it is adequately supported. They can then jump onto the platform and make their way towards the chest. Utilzing the Ultrahand once again, Link can grab the chest, place it safely behind him on dry land, and retrieve its contents, which are 3 Bomb Flowers.

Link should head back to the two treasure hunters and, upon discovering that the chest is now empty, Prissen and Domidak are taken aback but admit that they have been bested by Link’s skill. Prissen then overshares a bit about Misko's Treasures and the quest "The Treasure Hunters" is completed.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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